If you have already been to Tamarind Thai Spa, you surely know that our rituals will do a lot of good to your body and soul. Are you a spa aficionado and would like to share your experience with your loved ones? You can easily do this with a gift certificate.

Benefits of a gift certificate to a spa

Why is it a great gift? One may argue that you can come up with a more practical gift or just give money. But a gift certificate to our spa will make a world of difference. It will be a great gift for any person, of any age or social status. With a gift certificate to a spa, you’ll make that person give their soul and body more love.

Spa as a gift. Why us?

We pay special attention to quality and no detail goes unnoticed. Our is very rich and you will probably get the best value for money in Minsk.

We also offer a special spa treatment for two. Spa treatment for two is a one of the most frequently purchased gift certificates at our spa.

A gift certificate to a spa. What you need to know before your visit

There are a few rules that we ask all our guests to observe in order to make their visit comfortable.

  1. Please come 15 minutes ahead of the scheduled time. This will take any hurry out of the process.
  2. We kindly ask you keep your voice down and avoid loud conversations during your entire visit to our spa.

  3. We kindly ask you keep your phone on silent so that you can fully the experience and relaxing background music.

We have confidence that a gift certificate to will be a great gift to your family and friends on any occasion.