Thai oil ritual with coconut oil

Coconut oil is, without doubt, the oil of choice for Thai oil ritual. We use natural cold-pressed coconut oil. It’s rich in nutrients, such as hyaluronic acid and other aminoacids. Coconut oil moisturizes and invigorates skin, making it beam with youthful vigor. Plus, the coconut aroma soothes your nervous system, ridding you of stress and fatigue.

A 4-hand version of this ritual is available upon request.

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You can complement rituals with any of the 3 types of steaming - infrared sauna, cedar hot tub and hot tub with milk.

Duration - 30 minutes, steaming can only be ordered with a ritual

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Stone Ritual

All over the world, from China to Hawaii, stone rituals have been used in traditional healing practices for thousands of years. During this ritual our therapists work acupressure points with the help of steamed basalt stones. The use of hot stones makes it possible to work deeper layers of muscle tissues helping ease chronic muscle tension and back pain. Continue reading "Stone Ritual"

Face Ritual

It’s common knowledge that people in Southeast Asia look noticeably younger than their age. One of the keys to that is careful and thorough skin care routine. Our face ritual incorporates the best skin care practices and is aimed at relieving skin muscles tension, improving lymph circulation and slowing down natural aging processes. We use only the best natural Thai cosmetics that do not contain dyes and alcohols. So this ritual is totally safe even for those with allergy-prone skin.

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Slimming Ritual

This ritual is designed to fight cellulite, improve body shape, help you get rid of toxins and boost metabolism. Our therapists employ a special technique consisting of a series of quick palm strokes complemented by chili-based body cream. This ritual is by definition not a relaxing one, but you’ll notice change in your body real soon.

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Thai herbal balls ritual

One more ritual whose purpose is to let you reach the ever elusive state of complete body and mind relaxation. In Southeast Asia herbal compresses have been used for thousands of years in traditional healing practices. Herbal compresses (a selection of therapeutic herbs wrapped in muslin and then steamed)  are used to relieve pain and inflammation in joints, back and neck. In addition to that, they boost metabolism and help your body get rid of toxins.

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Thai Foot Ritual

In Southeast Asia it has long been believed that there are trigger points on the soles of our feet that are responsible for normal functioning of all vital organs in a human body. Our therapists work those points with the help of a special stick and a herb-based foot balm. You’ll end up feeling invigorated, muscle tension will be gone and the blood circulation will improve. You will stay clothed for the entire duration of the ritual. You can choose and adjust the power of pressure therapists will apply. This ritual is highly recommended as a powerful jet lag remedy.

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Balinese Oil Ritual

By far the most relaxing of our rituals. Our therapists use gentle acupressure, strokes, skin rolling and flicking techniques, all complemented by the use of essential oils. This ritual helps alleviate muscle tension, improve blood circulation and lymph drainage. If you are looking to drift away for an hour or two, this ritual is a perfect fit.

A 4-hand version is also available upon request.

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Thai Aroma Ritual with Shea Butter

We use shea butter in this variety of the traditional Thai oil ritual. According to historical records, Nefertiti, Egyptian queen known for her extraordinary beauty, used it for face masks and body wraps almost daily. Shea butter is known as a powerful moisturizer and it also softens and invigorates skin on a cellular level. The fats that it contains facilitate the so-called collagen synthethis and that is a natural remedy for stretch marks.

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Thai Oil Ritual

Thai oil ritual is a more relaxing and soothing version of the traditional Thai ritual. Natural essential oils bring a lot of goodness to your senses and are a powerful natural relaxant. They also improve blood flow, make your skin smoother and help your body get rid of toxins a lot faster. We recommend not washing the oil off of your skin for a few hours after the ritual.

A 4-hand version of this ritual is also available upon request.

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