СПА для двоих может стать самым романтическим свиданием

SPA for two: Thai massage will strengthen relations

SPA for two can become the most romantic date, which you will remember forever. You will get pleasure from being together, receive bright impressions and new feelings. You can find all this in spa.

It’s very difficult to surprise modern people with a pleasant dinner in a restaurant, or unexpected present or just flowers with a box of chocolates. The cost of a spa program for two is comparable to the cost of a good dinner in restaurant. Many experts of the beauty industry recommend visiting the SPA for two at any stage of relationships. Continue reading "SPA for two: Thai massage will strengthen relations"

массаж в Минске и его польза

Healing touches or massage can work wonders with your health

Few people take massage as an important and vital part of health care. Most think it’s more about pampering your body. But it’s been long proven that massage does a lot of good to your health, especially now when you spend a lot of time on an office job behind a desk.

It would suffice to simply watch what you’re doing throughout the day - you rub your neck to get rid of the pain, then you get up to stretch your legs and so on. Most of that is done unconsciously and we only go to a professional masseuse when it really becomes a problem. Continue reading "Healing touches or massage can work wonders with your health"

спа-салон в Минске Tamarind Thai Spa

What a great spa should be like?

What is your body longing for? When was the last time you had a mindful rest? No, not a couch potato rest. Relaxation, recuperation and mindfulness are what good spa can offer you. We came up with a list of criteria that a great Thai spa should meet.  

We’ve identified five such criteria. These are atmosphere at the spa, its menu, therapists’ professional expertise, location and use of professional cosmetics. Continue reading "What a great spa should be like?"