A gift spa certificate is the best way to organize a holiday for the soul and body!

On the eve of each holiday, men are asked the age-old question: what gift to make to their beloved woman? So that he remembered her and just brought her into raptures. Recently, so-called event gifts are gaining popularity, the value of which is, first of all, in the emotional component. It is joyful, happy moments that remain in your memory for many years.

A pleasant surprise for any woman can be a gift certificate at the spa salon. After all, here you can not only relax, relieve fatigue, but also feel like a real lady. To stop your choice is better at a proven, having only positive reviews of the spa salon. Minsk can offer Tamarind Thai Spa.

Gift Spa Certificate: what needs to be considered when choosing it?

First of all, when choosing a spa gift certificate, it is necessary to choose the most suitable spa program. Programs combine several successive procedures. It all starts with steaming, which there are several types. For example:

  • Cedar sauna. She prepares the body for further procedures, relaxes the muscles, opens the pores and removes harmful toxins.
  • Infrared sauna has a restorative effect. It relieves pain in the muscles, improves sleep, helps the body to completely relax and is properly prepared for the next procedure.
  • You will feel like Cleopatra in  the milk bath. Since ancient times, the healing properties of milk are known. It improves skin color, nourishes it, makes it more elastic and smooth.

The next thing that includes a spa program is the application of various scrubs or lotions to the skin. In all cosmetics are professional, made from natural ingredients, not causing allergies, nourishing and rejuvenating the skin.

How to choose a spa program for a gift

A key aspect of the program are several types of rituals, which can be selected based on individual needs and body characteristics. They are performed by Thai professional masters with the use of various techniques aimed at impacting certain points, the work with which has a beneficial effect on the internal organs, skin, and general condition of the body.

are performed as one master, and two, with the use of various aroma-oils, lotions, herbal sacs. These bags are filled with dried herbs, flowers and sea salt. The impact of hot pouches on the cervical region, back, waist, arms and legs leads to relieving tension in the muscles, complete relaxation and calm sleep.

By purchasing a gift certificate in Minsk, you can get a result comparable to a multiple visits to the sauna, massage room, fitness and yoga, which is so popular with women. Therefore, the spa program as a gift to your woman / girlfriend will be the best and the most memorable gift.