What is your body longing for? When was the last time you had a mindful rest? No, not a couch potato rest. Relaxation, recuperation and mindfulness are what good spa can offer you. We came up with a list of criteria that a great Thai spa should meet.  

We’ve identified five such criteria. These are atmosphere at the spa, its menu, therapists’ professional expertise, location and use of professional cosmetics.

Spa Minsk: 5 criterias that would help you identify a great spa

  1. Atmosphere. Stepping into a top-level spa, the first thing you notice is the atmosphere. Well-thought-out interior, appropriate background music, great aromas - all these details form the impression of a spa, helping you dive into the Oriental culture and setting you in right the mood for the treatment. Спа-салон в Минске Тамаринд Тай Спа

  2. A wide selection of our rituals and treatments. Great Thai spas do not limit its guests’ experience to working muscles and joints, but rather aims at overall relaxation. Various spa rituals are full-fledged healing programs with duration of at least 60 minutes. Spa treatments help rid of stress and its consequences, boost immune system defence, improve blood circulation and a number of other health benefits depending on each particular treatment.

  3. Level of expertise. Our therapists have tens of years of professional training and work experience behind their belts. Needless to say they are certified and highly skilled. Our therapists have worked literally all over the world, from Canada to Europe to Japan and South Korea.

  4. Use of professional cosmetics. We work exclusively with Sranrom and Senspa, leading Thai natural cosmetics producers.

  5. Great location. It’s no small feat. We are based at the very heart of Minsk and there’s a spacious free parking nearby.

If you are looking for a great spa salon in Minsk, we strongly recommend . Тамаринд Тай Спа в МинскеThis is a place where you can unwind, relax and recuperate. Take your family or friends along. A gift certificate to Tamarind Thai Spa would make for a great gift.